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 Important Update 
We will still do a weekly free quiz until then.

Given the latest developments from the COVID-19 outbreak, and the Government’s subsequent closure of all pubs, we had taken the decision to suspend writing and selling any new weekly quiz packs until further notice (our first interruption in over 15 years).  We have instead been refreshing some of our previously-written quizzes and uploading a new one each week free of charge on the website, so that you could share them with any of your regulars whilst they #StayAtHome, so they do not completely miss out on quizzing. Pubs are now reopening so, we have decided to reopen our site too, in a limited capacity, to test the water. This will happen from 14th August 2020 but, that date is subject to change.  

Clearly our thoughts are with our valued customers in the licensed trade - past, present, and future – during this very challenging time, and we look forward to supporting their trade when things get back to normal. 

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