Complimentary Quizzes for Charities and Associations

If you run or represent a charity or association and would like to use a quiz as part of a fund raising event then please read on.  We'd love to help support the valuable work that you do and will supply you with a voucher for £15 to use against any combination of our quiz products.  All we ask is that you sign up to Freebiejeebies below using our link or banner, which will help towards covering our costs.  Just follow the simple instructions below and we'll get the voucher emailed out to you as soon as possible.
Here's what you need to do
  • Firstly, follow our banner link below to sign up to Freebiejeebies and then complete one of their offers, many of which are no-cost such as a free DVD rental trial or a free web-hosting trial.
  • Secondly, once you have completed the above please fill in the claim form at the bottom detailing your name, charity or association name, and your email address you've used for Freebiejeebies - this is also where we will send your voucher code to.
  • Once you receive your voucher code then just select the quiz items you require and redeem the voucher during check-out.
  • As an added bonus, once you refer as few as three other people to Freebiejeebies using you're own code then you will start receiving the "freebies" such as iPods and other gadgets - perfect for a prize to use as part of your fund-raising quiz or a raffle.
new We're pleased to now be able to offer a reduced £7.50 quiz voucher to anyone other than a charity or association - simply complete the exact same steps as above but use "n/a" on the claim form against charity or association name.


Join Freebiejeebies here
You need to sign up for Freebiejeebies and complete one of their offers as explained on their website - many of these however are no-spend offers such as free trials.

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