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We hope you don't mind us contacting you after visiting your website recently.  This message contains a no-obligation exclusive free pub quiz for you to help support your Student Union this academic year - so, please read on...
We know that running a licensed premises is hard work, and it's tougher than ever at the moment - after all around 25 pubs across Britain are closing every week.  However, hosting a pub quiz at your venue remains an excellent way of attracting new customers and making them all-important regulars.  Research shows that holding a quiz can boost a night’s wet take by about £100, with 16 to 19 players buying an average of 2.5 drinks each (source 'The Publican').
Running a good pub quiz really can help the bottom line of your establishment!  We know that, as we've been supplying and supporting the licenced trade since 2004, and have maintained a loyal customer base over that time (check out our feedback here).  Now it's your chance to try out one of our fantastic quiz packs at your Student Union and see for yourself the impact it could have.  We really hope it proves popular!
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