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Easy Quiz Questions – Is there such a thing?

As a professional quiz master I used to be asked for more easy quiz questions. My stock reply was ‘No such thing – just questions you either know the answer to or don't’. Not particularly helpful but it's always true!

Of course in reality there is sometimes the need for easier quiz questions such as for children and we've recently added to our choices of genuinely easy quiz questions available (some even as free quizzes)– making sure to get the balance right between questions that are easy without being so easy as to be boring.

But what can YOU do when you want to MAKE the majority of seemingly difficult quiz questions into easy quiz questions? How can you make it so that every question seems easy?

Preparing to win at quizzes

If there are no such thing as easy quiz questions, is there a way to prepare that will give you the best chance of bagging the trophy? Short answer is yes, well sort of….

For a start it makes sense to be abreast of current affairs, and this does not mean glancing through the pictures in the latest issue of Hello! Nine times out of ten there will be a question or two on recent news stories – so have a nose at the BBC news website before you head to the pub just in case your quiz master has done exactly the same thing.

It is also a good idea to have watched the TV in the week before the quiz. Chances are fairly high your quiz master has done the exact same thing. The TV provides a rich source of quiz-fodder that can be effortlessly trawled, one hand on the remote and the other with a pen and notepad - soaps are a favourite topic for easy quiz questions so make sure that you know your Rovers Return from your Queen Vic.

Know your quiz question themes

Another topic that comes up with alarming regularity is heraldry colours.

While most sane human has no idea what heraldry colours are, far less being able to list and identify them, it’s your job as a keen quizzer to immerse yourself in ‘Heraldry for Dummies’ until you are chanting ‘Red equals gules, black equals sable’ in your sleep. Rather you than me.

A slightly more tolerable topic that is a dead cert at quizzes is Bond, James Bond.

Almost every single quiz I’ve been to has had a 007 question. It usually relates to the Bond girls or the theme songs, so concentrate on them and you’ll cover most of the bases in a particularly non-arduous manner. It is one of the few times when you can ogle beautiful girls and tell your partner (truthfully) that it is for research purposes.

Finally, big advice here is look for themes. This is something that many quiz masters are guilty of when writing a quiz. If they find a good question they milk it for all it’s worth.

A friend of mine was at a series of quizzes last year where every week there was a question about the Monopoly Board or Monopoly rules. It turned out that the Quiz Master kept a Monopoly Game next to his computer.

Similarly there was a run about dartboards – again it was opposite where he sat when writing the quiz.

If, at your local, you get asked a question like this you can bet that the next week there will be another question – simply because it saves the quiz master the hassle of doing research when they have a constant stream of easy quiz questions literally staring them in the face.

Easy Quiz Questions – The High Tech Way

Now we have the internet and instantly downloadable quizzes. Because of this, the chances are very high that the busy pub landlord or quizmaster is simply downloading free quiz questions from a leading online supplier such as QuizKnight.co.uk.

Chances are equally high that they're downloading the weekly quiz questions... so all that remains is for you to do the same...

Result? Possibly the world's most easy quiz questions (it just won't be such fun).

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