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(May 07, 2006)

Your Weekly Free Mini Pub Quiz


Hope you're doing well and ready to go with another mini pub quiz. Don't forget, Sunday night is Happy Hour on our website - there's 50% off all purchases of £5 or more! Before starting the free quiz, why not check out this weeks recommended read.

Recommended Reading

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The Questions

1. The opening scenes of the James Bond movie ‘The Living Daylights’ are set in which Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom?
2. What is signified by a red triangle on an Ordnance Survey map?
3. On which river does the German city of Cologne lie?
4. On which continent was the musician Eddie Grant born?
5. What does the M of the financial abbreviation ERM stand for?
6. In the USA, how many states officially designate themselves Commonwealths rather than States?
7. Which US city has a NFL football team known as the Cowboys?
8. Which band had a 1979 Top Ten hit with ‘Every Day Hurts’?
9. Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva are the principal gods of which religion?
10. Which creature has the largest eyes in the world?
11. In the TV show ‘Byker Grove’ who played the character PJ?
12. Which chemical element is represented by the symbol Li?
13. In which town would you find Britain’s largest theatre?
14. San Jose is the capital city of which Caribbean country?
15. Peter Benjamin Parker is the alter-ego of which comic-book superhero?
16. In which decade was the Post-it note invented?
17. Released in 1985, what was first album to sell one million copies on the then new CD format?
18. In which country did the final of 2002 FIFA World Cup take place?
19. Succeeded to the throne at just nine months old, who was the youngest British monarch?
20. In which year did the first ever air raid in Britain occur?

Tiebreak - What is the population of the US Commonwealth of Kentucky?


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The Answers

1. Gibraltar 2. Youth Hostel 3. Rhine 4. South America (Guyana) 5. Mechanism 6. Four (Kentucky, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Virginia) 7. Dallas 8. Sad Café 9. Hinduism 10. Giant squid 11. Anthony McPartlin 12. Lithium 13. Blackpool 14. Costa Rica 15. Spiderman 16. 1970’s 17. Brothers in Arms 18. Japan 19. Henry VI 20. 1915
Tiebreak - 4,041,869

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