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(June 11, 2006)

Your Weekly Free Mini Pub Quiz

Hi ~~NAME~~,

Hope you're enjoying the scorching weather outside and the World Cup on TV inside. Hopefully you'll have enough time to complete our free mini pub quiz. Before starting the free quiz, why not check out this weeks recommended read.

Recommended Reading

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The Questions

1. What is the capital city of Bulgaria?
2. In which US state was Madonna born?
3. Which Italian goalkeeper is the oldest ever winner of football’s World Cup?
4. Who wrote the novel ‘The Trail of the Lonesome Pine’?
5. Now known as the Commonwealth Games, in which year was the British Empire Games first held?
6. In which polar region would you find the wintering grounds of the Artic Tern?
7. Which letter is used to represent five hundred in Roman numerals?
8. Which Norman French word is used to collectively describe Hastings, New Romney, Hythe, Dover, and Sandwich?
9. Which qualifying nation of the 2006 World Cup has the nickname “The Soca Warriors”?
10. Brinjal is an alternative name for which edible plant?
11. What colour is the home shirt of Swindon Town FC?
12. In which US city was the cop show ‘Homicide: Life on the Street’ set?
13. What was the name of Mussolini’s mistress who was shot by partisans immediately before the infamous dictator was killed?
14. What was the name of the character played by Sarah Clarke in the first three seasons of TV show ‘24’?
15. William Henry Pratt was the real name of which famous actor?
16. In which decade did the last execution take place in Australia?
17. To what does the term “The Fourth Estate” refer?
18. In which county would you find the cathedral city of Ely?
19. The Right Hon. Sir William Alexander Clarke Bustamante was a “National Hero” of which country where he served as a politician?
20. Which band had a 1974 hit with ‘Longlegged Woman Dressed In Black’?

Tiebreak - In which year was William Alexander Clarke Bustamante born?


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The Answers

1. Sofia 2. Michigan 3. Dino Zoff 4. John Fox Jr 5. 1930 6. Antarctica (South Pole) 7. D 8. Cinque Ports 9. Trinidad & Tobago 10. Aubergine or Eggplant 11. Red 12. Baltimore 13. Claretta Petacci 14. Nina Myers 15. Boris Karloff 16. 1960’s 17. The press 18. Cambridgeshire 19. Jamaica 20. Mungo Jerry
Tiebreak - 1884

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