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(July 23, 2006)

Your Weekly Free Mini Pub Quiz


It's free quiz time from once again, with some particularly testing questions for you this time! But before starting the free quiz, why not check out this weeks recommended read.

Recommended Reading

The Dangerous Book for Boys - If ever there was a book to make you switch off your television set, "The Dangerous Book for Boys" is it. How many other books will help you thrash someone at conkers, race your own go-cart, and identify the best quotations from Shakespeare? "The Dangerous Book for Boys" gives you facts and figures at your fingertips - swot up on the solar system, learn about famous battles and read inspiring stories of incredible courage and bravery. Teach your old dog new tricks. Make a pinhole camera. Understand the laws of cricket. There's a whole world out there: with this book, anyone can get out and explore it.

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The Questions

1. What is the capital city of Jordan?
2. In which country was the 2000 film ‘The Beach’ set?
3. Which military commander had a dog called Peritas?
4. Tom Chaplin is the lead singer of which popular English band?
5. Against which English county did Yorkshire make its first-class cricket debut in 1863?
6. With which brewery would you associate ales such as Spitfire and Bishops Finger?
7. Which actress did Charlie Chaplin marry on 23rd October 1918?
8. In which county would you find Ironbridge Gorge?
9. If democracy means “government by the people”, what does stratocracy mean?
10. In which country was margarine invented?
11. At which gold course was The Open Championship held in 2005?
12. In the TV show ‘Neighbours’ what profession is the character Karl Kennedy?
13. Taekwondo is a martial art originating from which country?
14. Which female dog was the very first ‘Blue Peter’ pet?
15. In which US state would you find the Gettysburg National Military Park?
16. What middle initial does the author Iain Banks add to his name when writing science fiction books?
17. What is the name of a pregnant goldfish?
18. David Bowie co-wrote his 1975 US chart-topper ‘Fame’ with which former member of The Beatles?
19. In what make of car did Alain Prost secure his first Grand Prix win in 1981?
20. In which capital city would find the headquarters of the World Bank?

Tiebreak - In which year did the World Bank commence operations?


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The Answers

1. Amman 2. Thailand 3. Alexander the Great 4. Keane 5. Surrey 6. Shepherd Neame 7. Mildred Harris 8. Shropshire 9. Government by the armed forces 10. France 11. St Andrews 12. Doctor 13. Korea 14. Petra 15. Pennsylvania 16. M 17. Twit 18. John Lennon 19. Renault 20. Washington DC
Tiebreak - 1946

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