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(September 03, 2006)

Your Free Mini Pub Quiz


It's free quiz time from once again, with a couple of questions there as usual to separate the men from the boys! But before starting the free quiz, why not check out this weeks recommended read.

Recommended Reading

The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid - BRAND NEW! - Some say that the first hint that Bill Bryson was not of Planet Earth came when his mother sent him to school in lime-green Capri pants. In this funny memoir, he travels back in time to explore the ordinary kid he once was, and the curious world of 1950s America. This is a book about growing up in a specific time and place.

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The Questions

1. In cricket terminology what do the initials ODI stand for?
2. What was the name of the main enemy in the 2002 film ‘Spider-Man’?
3. The Treaty of Paris of 1783 formally ended which war?
4. James Grieve is a variety of what kind of fruit?
5. Which poet was nicknamed the “Ploughman Poet”?
6. How many sides does a dodecagon have?
7. Who had a 1980 chart-topper with ‘Together We Are Beautiful’?
8. What was Margaret Thatcher’s maiden name?
9. The griffin is a legendary creature with the body of a lion and the head of what type of bird?
10. Which film released in 1956 was James Dean’s last movie?
11. Which computer manufacturer released the Amiga model in 1985?
12. Nephritis is a disease that causes inflammation of which organ?
13. Cyril Sneer is the main villain in which Canadian-made cartoon series?
14. According to the nursery rhyme who “could eat no fat” and “his wife could eat no lean”?
15. To which country did Benito Mussolini emigrate in 1902 to escape military service in Italy?
16. Which striker did Manchester United sign for a then British record fee of £12.6 million in August 1998?
17. What is the capital city of Croatia?
18. Which Royal Navy submarine torpedoed and sank the General Belgrano on 2nd May 1982?
19. What name is given to a triangle where all the sides have different lengths?
20. The image of which Scottish missionary to Nigeria can be found on the front of a Clydesdale Bank 10 pound note?

Tiebreak - In which month and in which year was Benito Mussolini born?



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The Answers

1. One Day International 2. The Green Goblin 3. American War of Independence 4. Apple 5. Robert Burns 6. Twelve 7. Fern Kinney 8. Roberts 9. Eagle 10. Giant 11. Commodore 12. Kidney 13. The Racoons 14. Jack Sprat 15. Switzerland 16. Dwight Yorke 17. Zagreb 18. HMS Conqueror 19. Scalene 20. Mary Slessor
Tiebreak - July 1883

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