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(October 01, 2006)

Your Free Mini Pub Quiz


It's free quiz time from once again, with a couple of tough ones to test the eggheads amongst you! But before starting the free quiz, why not check out this weeks recommended read.

Recommended Reading

That's Bollocks! - Albert Jack gathers together all the strangest, sickest, funniest and most unforgettable urban legends and recounts them with his usual deadpan humour. More than just a collection of urban legends, this is also a detective story. Exploring the real events behind conspiracy theories, the exaggerations of history and the assumptions of old wives' tales and self-help books amongst many, many other things, Albert Jack shows us that the truth can definitely be stranger than fiction.

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The Questions

1. In which country would you find the tourist resort of Hurghada?
2. Named after the sound they make when alarmed, what kind of animal is a dik-dik?
3. Which country had the international license plate code GBY until 1966?
4. What gift is traditionally given on a fifth wedding anniversary?
5. In which country was the sculptor Rodin born?
6. From what type of wood are cricket balls made?
7. Who became President of Afghanistan in December 2004?
8. Jake Shears is the vocalist of which American alternative music group?
9. During World War II what was the only Latin American nation to send troops to Europe?
10. What number is displayed on the side of Thomas the Tank Engine?
11. What is the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina?
12. Who painted the picture ‘A Bigger Splash’?
13. Who is the current Secretary of State for Education and Skills?
14. In the TV series ‘Star Trek’, was Mr. Spock’s mother Human or Vulcan?
15. Who won the Formula One World Drivers' Championship in 2005?
16. Who is the lead singer of the rock group Evanescence?
17. In the UK what percentage rate is the lower rate of income tax - 10%, 15%, or 17.5%?
18. During which month of the year are the most visits to British tourist attractions made?
19. Which of these countries abolished slavery first – Saudi Arabia or the USA?
20. Which band had a 1965 hit with ‘Come Home’?

Tiebreak - In which year was the artist David Hockney born?


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The Answers

1. Egypt 2. Antelope 3. Malta 4. Wood 5. France 6. Cork 7. Hamid Karzai 8. Scissor Sisters 9. Brazil 10. “1” 11. Sarajevo 12. David Hockney 13. Alan Johnson 14. Human 15. Fernando Alonso 16. Amy Lee 17. 10% 18. August 19. USA 20. Dave Clark Five
Tiebreak - 1937

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