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(October 29, 2006)

Your Free Mini Pub Quiz


It's free quiz time from once again, so lets see if the clocks going back has put your performance back! But before starting the free quiz, why not check out this weeks recommended read.

Recommended Reading

The Little Book of Lists - A mini version of the "Book of Lists" that includes some of the best, quirkiest and most bizarre lists from its bigger brother. After all, do you know the average penis lengths of mammals? Or the shortest marriages in history? Or people who died playing cards?

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The Questions

1. In which US state was Cassius Clay born?
2. How was the Junkers Ju 87 aircraft more commonly known during WWII?
3. What do the initials OPEC stand for?
4. Who played the title role in the 1960 Walt Disney film ‘Pollyanna’?
5. In which year was 'the Film programme' first broadcast on BBC?
6. In which London building would you find Poets' Corner?
7. In which country was Fidel Castro born?
8. Which word connects bascule, clapper, and swing?
9. In which European city were the cancelled 1916 Olympic Games due to be held?
10. New York’s Chrysler Building is a famous example of which movement of architecture?
11. Which Irish playwright was a unique winner of both the Nobel Prize in Literature and an Academy Award for Writing Adapted Screenplay?
12. In which country was Bianca Jagger born?
13. Japan’s Yomiuri Shimbun is the world’s biggest selling example of what type of product?
14. Who had a 1980 hit with ‘January February’?
15. Which sporting landmark was made by Geraldine Rees in 1982?
16. Known as Rapa Nui in the native language and Isla de Pascua in Spanish, by what name is this island known in English?
17. The Mercalli Scale is used to measure the intensity of what?
18. ‘Large Bathers’ is a work by which French Post-Impressionist painter?
19. Which Scottish football team plays home matches at McDiarmid Park?
20. How old was Jimi Hendrix when he died in 1970?

Tiebreak - In which year was the Chrysler Building opened to the public?


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The Answers

1. Kentucky 2. Stuka 3. Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries 4. Hayley Mills 5. 1972 6. Westminster Abbey 7. Cuba 8. Bridge 9. Berlin 10. Art Deco 11. George Bernard Shaw 12. Nicaragua 13. Daily Newspaper 14. Barbara Dickson 15. The first female jockey to complete the Grand National 16. Easter Island 17. Earthquakes 18. Paul C├ęzanne 19. St. Johnstone 20. 27
Tiebreak - 1930

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