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(November 12, 2006)

Your Free Mini Pub Quiz


It's free quiz time from once again, with us hoping you do better than you did last time! But before starting the free quiz, why not check out this weeks recommended read.

Recommended Reading

QI: The Book of General Ignorance - Compendium of popular misconceptions, misunderstandings and common mistakes culled from the hit BBC show, QI. Published to coincide with the fourth series broadcast in September 2006. If, like Alan Davies, you still think that Henry VIII had six wives, the earth has only one moon, that George Washington was the first president of the USA, that Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, that the largest living thing is a blue whale, that Alexander Graeme Bell invented the telephone, that whisky and bagpipes come from Scotland or that Mount Everest is the world's tallest mountain, then there are at least 200 reasons why this is the book for you.

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The Questions

1. What is the name of Postman Pat’s son in the children’s TV show?
2. Nick Griffin is the leader of which far-right political party?
3. In which year did the California Gold Rush begin?
4. Don Birnam is a character in which Academy Award-winning 1945 motion picture?
5. In which European city did Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart die?
6. Matthew Bellamy is the front man of which rock band?
7. Common Jezebel and Spicebush Swallowtail are both species of what type of creature?
8. What is the capital city of Guatemala?
9. On which lake did Donald Campbell set the first of his seven world water-speed records on 23rd July 1955?
10. Who is currently the manager of Scottish Premier League club Glasgow Rangers?
11. What do the initials of the US radio and television network ABC stand for?
12. The Challenger 1 replaced which tank as the main battle tank of the British Army?
13. What is the Spanish variant of the English first name "Paul"?
14. Which company has manufactured the Wayfarer style of sunglasses since 1953?
15. What colour is the diagonal line on the UK road sign that advises that the national speed limit applies?
16. In which month was Tony Blair born?
17. Where in the UK would you find the Ochil Hills – England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, or Wales?
18. According to their advertising slogan, which banking group is “the world's local bank”?
19. Which breed of dog’s coat colour led to its nickname as the Silver Ghost?
20. What was the surname of the Scottish folk hero Rob Roy?

Tiebreak - In which year was Rob Roy born?


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The Answers

1. Julian 2. British National Party 3. 1848 4. The Lost Weekend 5. Vienna 6. Muse 7. Butterfly 8. Guatemala City 9. Ullswater 10. Paul Le Guen 11. American Broadcasting Company 12. Chieftain tank 13. Pablo 14. Ray-Ban 15. Black 16. May 17. Scotland 18. HSBC 19. Weimaraner 20. MacGregor
Tiebreak - 1671

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