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If you are thinking about running a quiz but don’t need the headache of sourcing the questions and answers yourself then downloading instant quizzes will save you an inordinate amount of blood, sweat and tears. Whether you are club secretary at the bowling club, on the PTA or need to organise a fundraiser then a Quiz Night would be a great addition to the your event calendar.

The great thing about Quiz Nights is that they are fun and relatively easy to organise especially if you use Instant Quizzes to generate your questions and answers!

They can raise significant sums of money, be offered as a family event and can become a regular feature in your annual calendar. So how can you help ensure that your quiz is a huge success and achieves everything that you set out to do?

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Firstly, it is really important that you choose a great quiz master. They will be the face of your night and you need to make sure that they are comfortable in the role and can command the attention of a room full of potentially unruly quiz goers. This is particularly important as there may be prizes and money at stake, which can bring out a very competitive and unreasonable edge in the most unassuming and humble people(!)

If you don't already have this covered, you will need to identify a suitable venue that can accommodate enough people to ensure a good competitive quiz atmosphere. The venue will need appropriate equipment such as tables and chairs, a place to serve refreshments and food and if possible a microphone or PA system with a CD player.

Setting Your Quiz Up

You will need to decide what form your quiz will take.

A quiz running for two hours can comfortably contain 6 – 8 rounds, with ten questions per round and this is where instant quizzes come into their own. There are a huge selection of instant quizzes available to download from

instant quizzes available for download at quizknight

It's always fun to download some more unusual rounds, eg table questions, which can be visual questions that require some time to work out and can be left on the table to solve throughout the event.

A page of company logos without the associated names is good and flags of the world is always popular. It is also a cracking idea to have a couple of really challenging questions in each round to keep the teams on their toes and racking their brains.

Make sure you make time for an interval in between two of the rounds. This gives you a slot for adding value to the evening, perhaps in the form of a raffle or tombola. If you're a licensed premises this is a great drink buying slot.

People may be flagging in the second half so make the second half slighter shorter. The interval gives you the opportunity to review the progress of the teams at half-time and means that you can download more instant quizzes if you feel that you need to change any of the questions in the second half.

When your quiz is a draw

Remember to prepare a tie break question should you need it. Use an obscure question, involving numbers, where the nearest answer wins e.g. What is the distance in kilometres between Land’s End and John 0’ Groats?

And finally, enjoy yourself! Everyone else will be having a good time, so give yourself a big pat on the back, let your hair down and join them, in between raising a glass to Instant Quizzes, which have just made your life much easier.

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