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Welcome to our selection of great quizzes available by instant download 24/7.  Simply add the quizzes you want to your cart and checkout when finished.  You can pay with your credit or debit card using our secure server, and once payment is confirmed you will be given a special link to download your quizzes from.  You will also receive a confirmation of this link by e-mail.  Don't forget, you can also purchase Picture Quizzes and Table Quizzes for instant download too, making them the perfect companions to our Instant Pub Quiz selection.

QuizKnight Weekly by Download

Our weekly QuizKnight solution is available for instant download should you wish to purchase as a one-off.  If you are looking for quantity discounts from a regular subscription, or for a delivery method other than instant download, you should check out our Pub Quiz Section.  Our weekly quiz usually includes recent current affairs - publishing date is displayed by clicking on the button below - as well as a host of other compelling rounds.  Great stuff for just £5.  This weekly quiz has a great Seven Rounds / 60 Point Total Score Structure .

Buy weekly Pub Quiz  28th September - 5th October 2019  -  Just £5

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   Our ready to go selection of Complete Pub Quizzes are available by instant download 24/7.  They share the same great format as QuizKnight Weekly but with the current affairs round replaced with a second themed round.  Answer sheets are included ready for you to print off.  These quizzes prove to be a great solution for the occasional quiz organiser. Great value at just £5 each.
Buy Complete Pub Quiz Packs - Just £5 each - 10% Off All Order Over £20
Pubquiz001 Pubquiz002 Pubquiz003 Pubquiz004
Pubquiz005 Pubquiz006 Pubquiz007 Pubquiz008

Pubquiz009 Pubquiz010 Pubquiz011 Pubquiz012
Pubquiz013 Pubquiz014 Pubquiz015 Pubquiz016

Pubquiz017 Pubquiz018 Pubquiz019 Pubquiz020
Pubquiz021 Pubquiz022 Pubquiz023 Pubquiz024

Pubquiz025 Pubquiz026 Pubquiz027 Pubquiz028
Pubquiz029 Pubquiz030 Pubquiz031 Pubquiz032

Pubquiz033 Pubquiz034 Pubquiz035 Pubquiz036
Pubquiz037 Pubquiz038 Pubquiz039 Pubquiz040

Pubquiz041 Pubquiz042 Pubquiz043 Pubquiz044
Pubquiz045 Pubquiz046 Pubquiz047 Pubquiz048

Pubquiz049 Pubquiz050 Pubquiz051 Pubquiz052
Pubquiz053 Pubquiz054 Pubquiz055 Pubquiz056

Pubquiz057 Pubquiz058 Pubquiz059 Pubquiz060
Pubquiz061 Pubquiz062 Pubquiz063 Pubquiz064

Pubquiz065 Pubquiz066 Pubquiz067 Pubquiz068
Pubquiz069 Pubquiz070 Pubquiz071 Pubquiz072

Pubquiz073 Pubquiz074 Pubquiz075 Pubquiz076
Pubquiz077 Pubquiz078 Pubquiz079 Pubquiz080

Pubquiz081 Pubquiz082 Pubquiz083 Pubquiz084
Pubquiz085 Pubquiz085 Pubquiz087 Pubquiz088

Pubquiz089 Pubquiz090 Pubquiz091 Pubquiz092
Pubquiz093 Pubquiz094 Pubquiz095 Pubquiz096

New Quizzes are added regularly.  Some rounds from above quizzes were previously sold as Weekly Quizzes prior to now.  Just contact us should you wish to check which quizzes you may have previously purchased.

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