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History Quizzes

Questions on history both ancient and modern.  Such as...

Q - Which two royal houses fought the War of the Roses?

A - York and Lancaster 

History 1 History 2 History 3 History 4
History 5 History 6 History 7 History 8

General Knowledge Quizzes

General Knowledge questions on a wide range of subjects.  Such as...

Q - How many stripes are on the American flag?

A - 13

General 1 General 2 General 3 General 4
General 5 General 6 General 7 General 8

Film & Movies Quizzes

Film questions from the silent movies to modern day blockbusters.  Such as...

Q - Which actress is the sister of Warren Beatty?

A - Shirley MacLaine

Films 1 Films 2 Films 3 Films 4
Films 5 Films 6 Films 7 Films 8

Geography Quizzes

National and international geography questions to suit all interests.  Such as...

Q - What is Australia’s official national anthem?

A - Advance Australia Fair

Geog 1 Geog 2 Geog 3 Geog 4
Geog 5 Geog 6 Geog 7 Geog 8

Literature Quizzes

Shakespeare to Booker Prize winners - testing enough for any bookworm.  Such as...

Q - 'The Snowman' is a crime novel released in 2007 which by Norwegian novelist?

A - Jo Nesbø

Literature 1 Literature 2 Literature 3 Literature 4
Literature 5 Literature 6 Literature 7 Literature 8

Music Quizzes

Music questions covering everything from Elvis to Coldplay and anything in between.  Such as...

Q - With which group was Lou Reed the vocalist?

A - Velvet Underground

Music 1 Music 2 Music 3 Music 4
Music 5 Music 6 Music 7 Music 8

Sports Quizzes

Olympics, snooker, football, cricket - everything covered in these questions of sport.  Such as...

Q - Martina Navaratilova won the most tennis doubles trophies with whom?

A - Pam Shriver

Sport 1 Sport 2 Sport 3 Sport 4
Sport 5 Sport 6 Sport 7 Sport 8

Food & Drink Quizzes

Everyone likes their food and drink - but how much do they know about it?  Such as...

Q - What would you be doing if you were eating “Al Fresco”?

A - Eating outside

Food 1 Food 2 Food 3 Food 4
Food 5 Food 6 Food 7 Food 8