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3 June 2013 - New Free Quiz and Weekly Update

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Hi there, welcome to this week's update, which again contains a free weekly quiz for you all;

This week's Full Monty quiz

This week our Full Monty quiz features the usual wide mix of questions plus a "At The Double" guest round, along with Comedians, Spin Offs and Sport themed picture, table and speed rounds.

You can purchase our new weekly quizzes from Saturday evening HERE.

Our latest Online Pub Quiz

Our May edition of the Online Pub Quiz is still available to enter, we'll be back with June's brand new one next week.  

You can have a go anytime you wish, and don't forget to forward the details on to you all your friends to see who scores the highest. Just click HERE to take part.  

This Week's Free Quiz

  1. What is the capital of Saudi Arabia?
  2. How many stars appear on the flag of New Zealand?
  3. Which author and poet famously wrote the line `The female of the species is more deadly than the male`? 
  4. Cornish, Rhode Island Red and Leghorn are all breeds of what? 
  5. Which of the following operas was not composed by Verdi - Aida, Carmen or La Traviata? 
  6. Who captained the submarine in Stingray? 
  7. In which country was the organisation Greenpeace founded? 
  8. Which of the following astrological signs is not classed as an `air` sign - Gemini, Aquarius or Cancer? 
  9. Who, at 42 years old, was the youngest President of the United States of America? 
  10. In which city is Karl Marx buried?

This round was taken from our Full Monty quiz that was published on 06/04/2013

Click here to reveal the answers.

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