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9 June 2013 - Latest Free Quiz and Update

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Hi there, welcome to this week's update, which has both a new free quiz and a new Online Quiz which is free to enter;

This week's Full Monty quiz

This week our Full Monty quiz features the usual wide mix of questions plus a sports and leisure guest round, along with Mixed, Media and Collectables themed picture, table and speed rounds.

You can purchase our new weekly quizzes from Saturday evening HERE.

Our latest Online Pub Quiz

Our new June edition of the Online Pub Quiz is now available to enter, with a £5 voucher on offer to those who score high enough.  

You can have a go anytime you wish, and don't forget to forward the details on to you all your friends to see who scores the highest. Just click HERE to take part.  

This Week's Free Quiz

  1. What term is used to describe the registering of a ship in a foreign country to reduce operating costs or avoid government regulations?
  2. Which footballer won the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award in 2001?
  3. In which county would you find the city of Wells?
  4. How many faults does a competitor get if they knock a fence down in showjumping?
  5. Who did Everton beat in the 1984 FA Cup final?
  6. Who wrote ‘Das Kapital’?
  7. What does the internet term HTTP stand for?
  8. Who became Russia’s first democratically elected president in 1991?
  9. Which Spaniard founded the Cubist movement?
  10. What animal lives in a lodge?

This round was taken from our Full Monty quiz that was published on 11/05/2013

Click here to reveal the answers.

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