Picture Quizzes from Quiz Knight

Picture quizzes quite often prove to be the highlight of any quiz night. As most teams will have a resident picture quiz expert, you can expect our picture quizzes to be well received.  We have a real mix of famous (and infamous!) people from the past and the present - the challenge of course is to put names to the faces.  Each quiz costs just £2, all have a 20 point top score, and they're ready to download right now.  Our picture quizzes are in Microsoft Word format, ready for high quality printing (we recommend the use of a laser printer for best results).  Lots more picture quizzes, including themed sets, on the way so watch this space!

Our Picture Quizzes are in either Mixed Famous Peopleor Themed  formats.

Weekly Picture Quiz - Instant Download - Just £2
A mix of famous people and things past and "very" present.  The ideal compliment to our Weekly Download Quiz.
Buy Weekly Picture Quiz - 5th - 12th October 2019 £2
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   Mixed Famous People Picture Quizzes - Instant Download - Just £2

Picturequiz001 Picturequiz002 Picturequiz003 Picturequiz004
Picturequiz005 Picturequiz006 Picturequiz007 Picturequiz008

Picturequiz009 Picturequiz010 Picturequiz011 Picturequiz012
Picturequiz013 Picturequiz014 Picturequiz015 Picturequiz016

Picturequiz017 Picturequiz018 Picturequiz019 Picturequiz020
Picturequiz021 Picturequiz022 Picturequiz023 Picturequiz024

Picturequiz025 Picturequiz026 Picturequiz027 Picturequiz028
Picturequiz029 Picturequiz030 Picturequiz031 Picturequiz032

Picturequiz033 Picturequiz034 Picturequiz035 Picturequiz036
Picturequiz037 Picturequiz038 Picturequiz039 Picturequiz040

Picturequiz041 Picturequiz042 Picturequiz043 Picturequiz044
Picturequiz045 Picturequiz046 Picturequiz047 Picturequiz048

Picturequiz049 Picturequiz050 Picturequiz051 Picturequiz052
Picturequiz053 Picturequiz054 Picturequiz055 Picturequiz056

Picturequiz057 Picturequiz058 Picturequiz059 Picturequiz060
Picturequiz061 Picturequiz062 Picturequiz063 Picturequiz064

Picturequiz065 Picturequiz066 Picturequiz067 Picturequiz068
Picturequiz069 Picturequiz070 Picturequiz071 Picturequiz072

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Themed Picture Quizzes - Instant Download - Just £2
  Selection One 

Buy Baldies Picture Quiz

Buy Dog Breeds Picture Quiz

Buy Car Logos Picture Quiz

Buy Cartoons Picture Quiz

Buy Name the Band Picture Quiz

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Selection Two

Buy Oscar Winners Picture Quiz

Buy Simpsons Cameos Picture Quiz

Buy Weird Hair Picture Quiz

Buy World Politicians Picture Quiz

Buy Celebrity Big Brother Picture Quiz

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Selection Three

 Buy Celebrity Chef Picture Quiz

Buy Caricatures Picture Quiz

Buy Singing Soapstars Picture Quiz

Buy "True Love" Picture Quiz

Buy Twins Picture Quiz

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 Selection Four


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Selection Five

Buy 60's Bands Picture Quiz

Buy 80's Bands Picture Quiz

Buy Bad Hair 1 Picture Quiz

Buy Bad Hair 2 Picture Quiz

Buy Baldies 2 Picture Quiz

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Selection Six

Buy Bankrupted Picture Quiz

Buy Beards Picture Quiz

Buy Bond Villains Picture Quiz

Buy Brides Picture Quiz

 Buy Famous Bridges Picture Quiz

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We recommend the use of a laser printer to gain optimum results when printing out our picture quizzes.  However, we can offer you the alternative of posting a ten-pack of your chosen ready-printed picture quiz out to you for just £10 .  Just state the name of the picture quiz you require below.

Picture Quizzes by Post - £10 per pack
Quiz Required:

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