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Pub Quiz Questions and Answers – The easy guide to running or improving your pub quiz nights

Hosting a quiz night in your pub can be as easy as grabbing yourself a stack of pub quiz questions and answers, diving straight in and enjoying!

But to give your customers the best possible quiz night? Read on...

No-one knows your customers like you do. So, think about your likely pub quiz attendees and select your questions accordingly. If you make the questions too difficult then it's not going to be fun, but make them too easy and it's just going to be boring.

Aim for the best teams to score about 80% and the worst team no less that 25%. You know that you’ve pitched it right if every question has at least one correct answer from one of the teams.

If you want your audience to engage, the pub quiz questions and answers should be interesting and cover topics that people may have been familiar with in the past or would like be familiar with in the future. Make sure there is a broad range of questions and don't just assume that people will have the same interests as you – after all not everyone has any knowledge of, or interest to learn about early 19th century bottle collecting!

Testing your pub quiz questions and answers

It may be a good idea to run the pub quiz questions and answers past family, staff, or in fact anyone who will not be participating in the quiz, to gauge the level and make sure that your own bias is not inflicted on your punters.

Being the Quiz Master can be great fun, although try not to laugh too loud when the contestants make a blooper. Conversely be prepared for everyone to laugh at length if you get anything wrong (yes, life is just not fair sometimes but that's just the way it is if you take on the heady responsibilities of being the Quiz Master!)

Also, although it is natural to be a little nervous at the beginning of the night if you're not used to reading out Pub Quiz questions and answers, don't fall into the trap of thinking you will be more coherent and confident if you sling back a few tequilas before the get go. Remember you are the host and have one or two responsibilities, including a few legal ones!

Scoring your quiz

As the Quiz Master it is you who decides which answers get full marks and which don't, some may even get half points. Be generous and be consistent.

Don’t pay too much attention to spelling, as long as you can understand what the word is and it is in the same ballpark/language as the correct answer, then award full points.

And if you have any Pub Quiz questions and answers that relate to names of people, the surname will usually suffice to get the full point unless you are looking for a specific Jackson brother or the answer is a very common surname like Smith, Jones or Kovács (OK, so I grew up in Budapest!)

And that's about it. The more prizes you have the better, but they don't need to be worth that much.

A free round of drinks usually goes down well, and inevitably leads to another paid round, then another... You could also add in a box of chocolates or similar for ‘joker’-type questions.

Remember the evening is not just about the pub quiz questions and answers, or your increased takings - it's about having fun, enjoying watching your customers socialising and the competitive spirit of trying to beat the other teams into oblivion!

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