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Quiz Questions and Answers – The Key to Publican Happiness!

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It’s official – simple sets of quiz questions and answers are amongst the best possible ways for pub landlords to beat the recession.

The humble pub quiz is back on the rise and is making quiet week-nights a thing of the past for struggling publicans. Quizzers are now thronging to pitch their wits against each other, empty their wallets and fill their beer bellies all at the same time - landlord heaven.

There's a fast growing trend where pubs are ditching the big television screens in favour of a quizmaster - armed with a mike and a wad of quiz questions and answers. Why? because Monday night football fans don’t drink enough to cover the cost of the satellite TV subscription. Pub quizzers on the other hand, appear to drink by the bucket-load. Maybe lubricating their memory banks?

Marcus Berkmann sets a weekly pub quiz at The Prince of Wales in Highgate, north London. “Oh you can tell they are on the rise,” he says. “Landlords tell me that quizzers drink a lot. You start at 8.30pm and by 11pm everyone’s drunk. Quizzers knock it back. People say football is the thing you have to have in a pub, but people watching football will often sit there and nurse a pint. They are really not always that profitable, given how much it costs to show the matches.”

So why are pub quizzes so popular?

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Maybe this comes from the sense of superiority and smugness you get from filling up the quiz answer sheet with your extensive knowledge of politics, geography, religion, science, and other completely useless trivia? Maybe not.

Maybe it is because when faced with a really infuriating set of quiz questions and answers you relish the challenge? Searching amongst the darkest recesses of your grey matter, (which, let’s face it, isn't as sharp as it once was) for that long forgotten nugget of wisdom that IS IN THERE SOMEWHERE can be a real mind workout. You just know if you can hold your head, huffing and puffing for long enough muttering ‘It’s on the tip of my tongue - give me a few more seconds…’ Probably not.

Or maybe it is because of the camaraderie amongst team members, the back-slapping and high-fives when an answer is correct and the shared commiseration when the answer is not quite so correct. Almost certainly not.

The real reason that pub quizzes are so popular is because no matter how many quiz questions and answers are fired at you, no matter how many you know the answer to, no matter whether you win or lose, it really is a fantastic night out.

What make pub quiz nights special?

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Pub quiz nights are like no other. The atmosphere changes from quiet and subdued early doors to warm and buzzy as it fills up with teams of varying sizes and combinations. As the teams settle and prepare for the rapid onslaught of quiz questions and answers, the pub is tense with anticipation that bubbles over into excitement as the event kicks off.

This heightened pitch is sustained until the final round is marked and the prizes are given when finally the quizzers relax, mull over the quiz questions and answers and debate their successes and failures together.

There will be celebratory rounds. There will be drinks to drown the sorrows of losing.

Yes, above all there will be more drinks. And crisps. And nuts.

Pub landlords are finding their quiz nights bring together an unlikely mix of individuals with nothing in common but their love for general knowledge and a mid-week excuse to get out the house, have a drink and a laugh, and maybe, just maybe win a tenner in the process.

All this joy and all this added custom – from a simple set of quiz questions and answers!


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