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Quizzes and Answers – sure fire route to better self esteem?

It's true - for many, quizzes and answers may not be the first thing that springs to mind as a possible therapy.

But if you're thinking about a fun way to spend some of your spare time, an evening at your local pub quiz night may just open your eyes to the fact that you know much more about many more subjects than you initially thought – which can only be a good thing!

You probably imagine your quiz knowledge would be well below the local quizzing community – and that quiz nights could be a very public way of displaying your complete ignorance on a range of topics?

You'd be surprised at just how wrong you are.

Really want to boost your self esteem and make a few new friends? Take yourself off down to the local pub quiz, join in and before too long you'll realise that you're actually a bit of a quiz whizz – you just didn't know it!

Assuming you watch TV and read the occasional magazine or newspaper, you'll be amazed at the amount of knowledge stored in your cranium.

Still worried you may not know enough? Download some free quizzes and answers here.

Quiz Night Tips: Some guidance...

On the quiz night if you ARE feeling a bit out of your depth, bear in mind that for any quiz question there are only four possible ways of answering:

1) rueful shaking of head with, "No, I had it but it's gone, I'm afraid";
2) confident and loud response of first thing that comes into your head followed by look of mild surprise when you're way off;
3) head in hands and repeated obscenities as if your brain has suddenly become painful;
4) The right answer

You may find your quizmaster can add to the fun inadvertently. They may be new to this whole quiz thing and will read their questions and answers from a sheet in a somewhat monotone way, occasionally becoming lost in this process and telling you with some conviction that the second person on the moon was Richard the Lion Heart.

If you argue, they'll deduct 15 points for dissent. Unless of course that was the answer you gave.

At the other end of the scale you have the professional quizmasters - spending lifetimes collecting endless reams of quizzes and answers (the frequent fliers at QuizKnight.co.uk). They'll soak up knowledge like sponges and are always willing to share that knowledge at the end of every quiz round by sharing golden nuggets of trivia that are sure to help you in the future. Or maybe not.

A biggie: don’t set yourself up for failure when choosing the name of your quiz team. Calling yourselves The Brainboxes 100 percent guarantees being knocked out in the first round by the Mince Heads.

Another thing - it will always seem that you're getting harder quizzes and answers than your opponents. Questions like, "Write down the genetic code of the duck-billed platypus?” compared to "How many eyes does a dog have?" This always happens.

And remember...

Remember - it's very easy shouting out answers when you're watching ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ on TV, but things can change when you're sitting in a room full of strangers. That's why you'll suddenly find you've no idea what country borders Scotland or what the currency of the UK is. It's only a game – and besides once you've sunk a few beers, not only will you not know the answer to the question, you won't even understand the question.

This is when you spot the Mince Heads will all be sipping OJ and shandies.

Quiz Success

So lets say you have a great team, a decent quizmaster and are sober enough that your brain still functions – how DO quizzes and answers help your self esteem?

Getting a question right on quiz night is right up there with the birth of your children. The feeling of euphoria is almost overwhelming as you listen to the question and realise that not only do you completely understand it but that you actually know the answer.

Your hand goes up, your smile beaming broadly, the answer bubbling away behind your ecstatic face. You can’t wait to share your knowledge with your team, the room, the world and the universe and then sit back to receive the reverie.

The sun shines brighter, the streets shimmer with gold and life is good. You are a true hero, a genius and crowds cheer your every word!

Congratulations, you've just massively improved your self esteem – and discovered the real power and the joy of quizzes and answers.

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