Weekly Table Quizzes, Including General Knowledge, Trivia Quiz Questions & more!

Our Table Quizzes always prove to be a popular choice, which can be handed out in the interval or as a separate event all together.  Simply print out and hand out - all the instructions for filling them out are on the sheet.  Each quiz costs just £2 and all have 20-25 questions - for example in "Only in America" those crazy Yanks have re-invented the English language with a host of different words for everyday items and occurrences - but what are they called over here?

Weekly Table Quiz - Instant Download - Just £1

A testing 10 question table round for just £1 designed to run alongside our Weekly Download Quiz.  Can also be used as a separate round with a special prize - a good way to increase interest in your quiz night.

Buy Weekly Table - 5th - 12th October 2019 - £1  
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Tr1 - Only in America ( English has been re-invented in America - what are these words known as over here?)

Tr2 - The King of... (who/what are these famous "nicknamed" kings from the past and the present?)

Tr3 - International Souperstars (weird soups from around the world but from which countries do they come?)

Tr4 - Ahhh Advertising Slogans (did these advertising slogans strike a memorable chord with you?)

Tr5 - Real Names Historical (what are these recent and distant history-makers more famously known as?)

Tr6 - Real Names Screen (they're all famous actors but under what name did they appear on the credits?)

Tr7 - Driving Me Crazy (name the countries from the registration letters & which ones drive on the left?)

Tr8 - Bingo Calls (prove you know what the bingo caller is talking about!  Tell us which numbers are they?)

Tr9 - Cockney Slang (Would you Adam and Eve it - a table round on Cockney Rhyming Slang! Cor Blimey!)

Tr10 - Football Mad (25 Football Teams in crazy anagrams for you to re-arrange.  Enough to make Gazza cry!!)

!!    Buy Table Rounds 1-5 for just £8 - a saving of £2 (or one quiz free!).  Super value!!! !!

!!     Buy Table Rounds 6-10 for just £8 - a saving of £2 (or one quiz free!).  Super value!!!   !!

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  100% Table Round Challenges

One of our most popular quizzes that always provide an enjoyable challenge.  Starting from one item and finishing with twelve items, contestants are asked to list various things in succession gaining one point for each.  With 10 and 12 listed twice, this gives a possible top score of exactly 100.  An example question would be for Number 12 list the signs of the Zodiac.  Some real tricky "numbers" to challenge and frustrate the best of us.   Great fun and great value at just £2.50 each.

100-1 - 100% Table Quiz One (includes Henry VIII, Geography, Cluedo, Football etc) 

100-2 - 100% Table Quiz Two (includes Oscar winners, Olympics, Counties, Pop etc)

100-3 - 100% Table Quiz Three (includes London Underground, Geography, Cricket etc)

100-4 - 100% Table Quiz Four (includes Dog Breeds, Shakespeare, Geography, TV etc)

!!     Buy all four 100% Rounds for just £7.50 - a saving of £2.50 (or one quiz free!).  Super value!!!   !!

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